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Our client approached us and asked for a clean minimal logo. We met the brief and also wanted to create a clear coherent website that also reflects the aesthetic of the logo.

The Logo


We produced a clean and minimal logo, that was also strong and bold. We wanted to capture the essence of what the company deals with. So we wanted to depict Japanese Knotweed somewhere in the logo.


We wanted to create coherency between the logo and the website to create an overall brand identity across the website. We wanted to provide details, keeping it minimal but still informative. You can view the website here.


From our research around the topic we wanted to fill the website with concise information that is easy to understand, as we feel there is nothing worse than trying to decipher a website full of information.

Japanese Knotweed Claims


We had to familiarise ourselves with all of the in’s and out’s of Japanese Knotweed. How to identify it, how to form claims, how to destroy it and the legislation around transporting and growing it etc. 

Japanese Knotweed Hotspots Ad
japanese knotweed facebook ad

Facebook Ad's


We set up a Facebook page to start to build a following, we then started to create infographics both image as well as video. 

This was to help raise awareness about Japanese Knotweed and generate leads for claimants and push traffic towards the website. 

The Ad’s we created were in keeping with the overall branding and aesthetic we had built. 

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