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Bumble Bee

Bumble Bee Branding


Our client approached us with an idea. Rather than creating a corporate brand for their business, they wanted something playful. 




The Logo


Our client asked for a a logo that incorporated a bumblebee into the word. Keeping a playful tone over corporate.

The Website


We loved the idea that the website would be a corporate topic with a playful theme! Using the black and yellow colours we got to work..



By using illustrations rather than imagery, the website came to life!

R&D Tax Credits


It was important that we understood what their business does before we created the branding and website. We worked hard to read up on R&D Tax credits to provide a clear customer journey and understanding. 


Brand Design

Finally we helped create their new brand with business cards and a PDF document!

Business Cards

We went for a sleek, dark look on the business cards using a honeycomb graphic to fill the empty space.


The PDF was a challenge but we stepped up to it. This is where we learnt everything we could about R&D Tax Credits, creating a coherent document that was easy to understand. We incorporated loads of graphics that knocked our clients socks off!

We want to work with you!


If you like what you see, why not give us a call? (we won’t bite we promise!) If you’ve got a creative project we want to hear about it!



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Hours of operation

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